Mobile Sludge Dewatering

This innovative solution for dewatering provides a cost effective solution.  The belt press has proven successful in dewatering a wide variety of industrial and municipal sludges. The advantages:
    •    Reduction of  liquid sludge to a thick cake that is easily transported for disposal by spreading on land or landfill
    •    No “run-off” normally associated with the disposal of liquid sludge.

We provide the  OR-TEC HP1000, a stainless steel machine, robustly constructed yet compact in size.  It is simple to operate and extremely reliable.  With the ability to process up to 300 lbs. of dry solids per hour (2400 gallons @ 1.5%) and a solids recovery efficiency in excess of 90%, it reduces sludge volume by as much as 90%.  Various sludges with solid concentrations between 0.5 – 5% have been dewatered, producing cake with 12 – 45% solids concentration. Trailer mounted for ease of mobility, the HP1000 is available for short of long term leases.

If you want to discuss how this innovative solution can save money and time give us a call at (440) 232-0042, or e-mail our President directly –