Pump Station Services

We always recommend that your pumps are inspected routinely.  After all, they have a specific lifespan, measured in hours working, before they  need to be replaced.  And while pumps can and do go out unexpectedly, we strive to give you a proactive maintenance schedule so that repair and replacement can be a planned event.

AKE’s skilled team of trained technicians maintains pump stations of various sizes and provides the following services:
    •    Pump station inspection, maintenance and cleaning
    •    Pump removal, repair and installation
    •    Complete station rehabilitation
    •    Electrical control troubleshooting and repair
    •    Piping replacement
    •    Control panel installation
    •    Float replacement
    •    24 hour emergency call-out service
    •    Certified Confined Space Entry Crew

If you are interested in this service, and how we can save you money by proactive inspections and maintenance, give us a call at (440) 232-0042, or e-mail our President directly – jmarriott@akelab.com.