Sewer Televising

If you are in need of immediate, precise and full color records to document and determine possible problems and damages, as well as the overall health of the televised line.  Our highly trained technicians using a variety of Cues TV mainline cameras, pusher mini-cameras, and digital recording equipment to perform remote inspections.    An invaluable tool, televising determines the origin of the problem, whether it’s cave-ins and broken pipes, obstruction due to roots, grease accumulation or obstructions from other solids.  Able to televise 2” to 60” diameter pipe, this procedure is advantageous when used in the following applications and is an absolute necessity to guide repair and trenchless sewer replacement:
    •    Locating
    •    Sewer and water lines
    •    Mains, laterals and culverts
    •    Bore holes and stacks
    •    Drains/ underdrains

If you are require sewer televising, give us a call at (440) 232-0042, or e-mail our President directly –