E/One and Ake partnership, One year anniversary and going strong!

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It has been a great first year working with E/One and E/One customers!

In case you are unfamiliar with the E/One Sewer system, it is a pressure sewer system that is powered by E/One grinder pumps. A pressure sewer system uses small-diameter pipes and grinder pumps. The grinder pump station collects all of the wastewater and grinds it into slurry. The wastewater is then pumped to a larger sewer main or directly to a wastewater treatment plant.


What is the Difference between a Gravity Sewer System and a Pressure Sewer System?

 A typical gravity sewer system differ from a pressure sewer system in a number of ways.  Gravity systems often use large mains that are installed in deep trenches, pressure sewer pipes may be as small as 2 inches in diameter and follow the contour of the land. These small trenches can equal huge savings.  Pressure sewer systems are used in areas where a conventional gravity sewer system cannot be installed, or is too expensive to do so. The land may be very flat, rocky, hilly, or wet.  

Here are some of our favorite E/One features:

  • Small E/One pumps can be repaired  Small E/One pumps rarely need to be replaced if they break down. Most of the time, they are actually cheaper to repair than replace! 
  • Constant Flow    The system pressures to be overcome by any given grinder pump in a low pressure system vary dramatically over the course of a day. E/One system does not require gravity to work.  E/One’s progressing cavity pump readily accommodates the pressure variations while maintaining a nearly constant flow without ever operating at ‘near shut-off’ —thus avoiding the wear and motor burn-out suffered by other pump types.
  • Energy Efficient the pump is activated automatically and runs for short periods.  Typical annual energy consumption is less than many household appliances.
  • Two-Year Warranty  E/One stands behind their design and quality!

If you are planning an upgrade or a new installation, consider E/One.  For more information go to eone.com


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