Exciting News! AKE is partnering with E/One!

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Exciting things are happening at AKE!  Our workers just received their certification to work on E/One Sewer Systems!  we are currently the only company in Northeast Ohio to offer E/One service. If you are unfamiliar with E/One Sewer Systems, its a revolutionary sewer system that uses pressure instead of gravity.

Here’s a video that shows some of the E/One benefits:


Our workers participated in 12 hours of classroom training and another 20 hours of intensive, hands-on training.  They were all required to take proficiency tests, and we are proud to say everyone passed with flying colors and received their certifications!

img_1276Benny Sizemore, our lead technician, said “Everything is different.  This system isn’t like anything I’ve worked on before.”  He went on to say,  “I like how much easier it is to pull a pump for maintenance and repair.  And another great thing is NO FLOATS!  We would get so many false alarms and bad readings because the floats were just tangled or covered with stuff and there would be no other problem with the system…Just floats being stupid!”

As communities migrate from septic tanks to central sewer systems, they will consider pressure sewer and gravity sewer systems.   For one reason, they use small, 1¼ to 4-inch force mains that follow the contour of the land and are installed just below the frost line, eliminating the need for large, deep trenches.

img_1279This is one of the features David Marriott, AKE General Manager, appreciates. “I like that the whole system is so much easier to repair.  The system is pressurized so it can go over any terrain. With the smaller line you can use directional drilling, there is no excavation.  We won’t have to dig trenches, We won’t have to ruin any landscaping!”

David went on to say “There are so many benefits to this system.  For one thing, the pumps are stocked on the shelf. With other pumps, they have to build them from specs.  Its so much quicker to replace a pump.  The alarm system is also inexpensive compared to other control panels.  It uses cellular call-out technology, so you get a text if there’s a system failure.”

David was also impressed by the Two-Year Warranty.  “Nobody else does that.” He said.

The whole company is excited to be working with this technology. The new system makes repairs and maintenance easier, which makes our workers happy.

It’s  simplicity and technology mean cost-effective solutions for so many typical sewer problems, which should make our customers very happy!

You can learn more about E/One Sewer Systems at http://www.eone.com/sewer-systems/regions/us/

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