Here Comes Winter!

November 1st, 2016     No Comments »

Ready or not, here it comes!  And how many of us are ever really ready for Winter in Northeast Ohio? Probably not many, but there are things you can do now to make sure your pump station or wastewater treatment plant is ready for wintry conditions.

  1. Clean-up!

Fall and early winter can be a mix of freezing temperatures one day and 50° thaws the next.  Freezing and thawing can damage pipes and equipment where full or partial blockages might be present.  Ensure all screens, traps, filters, and beds are clean and water is flowing as it should.  Leaves and other debris that can blow into tanks or beds should also be removed from the area.

Also, make sure any equipment or other objects are stored.  Rakes, buckets, hoses, and other items can be lost or forgotten under a blanket of snow.  Not only might it be hard to remember where you left the shovel you need, it could also present a dangerous trip hazard for unsuspecting visitors.

  1. Weather proofing.

Some areas of a plant or pump station can stay quite warm all winter.  This can lead to problems with condensation freezing around cracks and openings or on floors.  Check for proper ventilation of these spaces and for air leakages that can turn normal humidity into ice.

  1. Schedule repairs and maintenance early.

Some problems arise suddenly and with no way to predict them ahead of time.  But known problems in your system can be made worse by water freezing (and expanding by 9%) and thawing.  Sub-freezing temperatures and wintry conditions can also extend normal repair times which can lead to more expensive repairs.

This is our best advice for preventing problems in the Winter.  Do you have any other suggestions, advice or experience we can share with our customers?  If so, please send it to and if we can use it, we’ll send you a gift!

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