E/One Grinder Pumps


What is an E/One Grinder Pump System?


The E/One system stores, grinds and pumps wastewater under pressure to a treatment site or central sewer, depending on the location. Because the output is pressurized, the wastewater can be transported horizontally two or more miles, or uphill some 185 feet vertically. Because the system does not rely on gravity to carry the waste, it provides more options for siting and building, as well as system renovations.

The DH071/DR071 grinder pump station consists of a pump and tank. The grinder pump, motor controls and level-sensing are integrated into a compact unit, easily removable for service.


Every E/One system has a dedicated alarm panel which constantly monitors the water level inside the well. In the event of a high water occurrence, a red beacon light illuminates and a buzzer will sound.

The basic E/One Sentry panel provides features essential to any installation:

A. Circuit breakers for pump power and alarm circuits 

B. Audible high level alarm indication 

C. Visual high level alarm indication 

D. High level alarm silence switch 

E. Manual Run switch 

F. Redundant “Start” function with high level alarm 

G. Run indicator to show when pump is operating

Alarm panel upgrades can include web-based monitoring and text or email notifications when an alarm is active.

What if the alarm goes off?
If the alarm sounds on your grinder pump, push the Silence button located on the outside of the panel box. If the red light does not turn off after an hour or so, you should call for service. Look for a phone number on the alarm panel, or call Ake Environmental at 440-232-0042

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