The ake difference

This is not our side hustle.


We aren't doing this as a favor or so we can earn extra money.  We aren't doing this so we can quit our 'real' job.  This is what we do, period.  If you think that isn't important, just wait until the EPA wants to meet with your operator and they can't because they are at 'work'.

We are a corporation. Our operators are not independent contractors, they are employees.  Quite simply, if they get hurt while working on your property they are covered by Workers Compensation.  An independent contractor is not.  We also have liability insurance just in case there ever is an issue. Insurance is something many operators offering services out there just don't have. 

We have an in-house laboratory.


Most operators use outside labs, and there is nothing wrong with that. Labs like Biosolutions and Northcoast Environmental are top notch, and in some instances we use them ourselves.  But having laboratory analysis in house means our operators are in contact with our lab staff on a daily basis, working together to discuss and interpret results.  That sort of daily contact means we can act quickly in the event there is an issue.  Our operators aren't waiting days to receive results to find out what is happening at your facility.

Having a lab is important for our clients, and in fact we have many clients that only use our lab services.  For those folks we have convenient sampling and pick up services, or we can instruct them on the proper way to sample and they can drop off to us themselves.

We've been doing this since 1970, and our operators have decades of experience.


Don't kid yourself, longevity is important.  We have seen just about everything there is to see, and we have relationships that we have built  over decades with the EPA.  We know how they work and they know how we work.

Over that time we have created a process so that nothing gets lost and deadlines are met.  We have a back office apparatus that keeps our clients in the loop and keeps up with all the rule changes and permit updates.  Solo operators just don't have the time or ability to do all the behind the scenes work we do to keep you covered.  Inspections are just one part of what an operator must do.  Reporting is extensive, complicated and time consuming.  When we are your operations company, we share your legal responsibilities and we take that responsibility seriously.